Fish Fish Fish...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where are all this fishes going ? Well to the fish market..

Old and New

Here's and old factory tower in a New shopping mall. I do not know the actual history of this building but definitely the factory is not build for this purpose. I presume this is an old historical building site when they wanted to build a new shopping mall.

Do not forget the "OLD" when you have the "NEW". Treasure both of them

Merdeka and Moon Cake Festival 08

Monday, September 1, 2008

Everyone was back home due to long weekend holiday from Merdaka Holiday (Malaysia National Day), so a small BBQ feast was call for the occasion - last minute.

I took the challenge and created my first Beef Burger Patty. Made from pure Australian beef, no preservative added. Read on for more photo.

It turn out great, but not able to BBQ because is just too soft to stay still. So I got it pan fried instate. Additional to the beef patty, I fried some button mushroom to go with it.

Here's where the journey starts, 2 city boy trying to start a fire. The other guy is my brother-in-law.

Learning to BBQ the paste, don't seems to work this way as the patty is just too soft.

Finally got it done after pan fried the patty, add mayo, chilly sauce, button mushroom, onion slice, tomato and cucumber.

Satisfy !!!

Some deco, as moon cake festival is closing, so an early celebration was done. We put up some lanterns here.

Here's the patriotic one with lots of fun and joy.

All in a day work! from shopping to filling the stomach.