Day 5 Japan

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today was another busy day. However upon reaching back to Hotel, I wanted to go to the nearest supermarket and pickup some nice food, as I'm just very hungry then.

Unfortunately the rain came and I was all stuck in the room. Good thing was I have some noodle and hams. So without any choice I cooked a simple ham noodle. Thinking that's it for my dinner for today so I continue with what I'm doing then, net surfing.

About an hour later, someone came to knock on my door, it was our Japanese Support Engineer, he invited me and another friend of mine form Singapore to join a group of trainee for dinner in one of the restaurant.

This invitation did came to me on Tuesday for this dinner from the instructor but I rejected as it will cost me allot of yen. However, when our support engineer turns out in my door step, I just can't reject him. So this time I went along with him.

The dinner was good. Contemporary style dinning. It is defiatnaly not cheap for Asian like us due to low currency value. Anyway we enjoyed ourselves very much, lots of beer, good food and good laugh. The joy kind of get a sitback when the bill comes, it was 4000 yen per person. My heart sank for a while as it like the amount of nice food I can get back in Malaysia with that kind of money.

Anyhow like they say, friendship is priceless. So after paying we just went back to our hotel.

Another day ends. Today I will not post any photos as there's nothing for me to post.

Tomorrow I'll be making my way back to Malaysia. I'll leave to Tokyo tomorrow after classes, and then fly back to Malaysia on Saturday morning. There will not be anymore post from now on.

I will now conclude my journey here. However if there are some more update while I'm in Tokyo, Ill post them later.


Day 4 in Japan

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

22 Oct 08

Another day ends. Tiring...

While on my way back to hotel, I drop by a DIY store just to look for thing, and I stumble upon this items, which was asked from my wife to look out for. It is something call a Bento kit. It is used to prepare bento style lunch box, that makes the food much more attracting and appealing. It is widely used to encourage children or kids to eat their lunch while in school.

Seems like it is very popular among young mothers.

Anywhere there are more to Bento but that's all that I know.

So will I be getting nicely pack lunch for from my wife everyday for work ? well that I got to wait and see.

Here's what I have bought.
Some cute little pickle for finger foods.
From the drawing instruction, this seems like an egg molder. It reshape the egg from an egg shape to the desire shape... I think

This is a sausage maker. It shapes a sausage / hot dog to a fish, a crab and a girl... Interesting... no more dog shape

This are bread cutter, it basically cut the bread into various shape. Here I have an elephant, a whale, a dog and a car.
Another bread cutter with various figure
Well hope my wife likes it and my kids too.

Oh tonight dinner... well got to be simple cause can't find anything interesting in the supermarket. So i make noodle dry style with ham.. too bad I have no oil.. else can fry an egg.


Day 2 and Day 3 in Japan

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 2, 20 Oct 08
Well Day 2 went by so quickly that I'm so tired at the end of the day so was not able to post. Anyhow, the whole day was occupied in the training. After training, I had a small discussion with another engineer, so came back to hotel quite late. Was so tired that I did not want to post anything. In fact dinner was as simple as instant noodle.

Day3, 21 Oct 08
Well again a fulfilling day. The weather here was good for the past few days. It was warm in the afternoon and cooling in the night. May get a bit cold during late night but is OK, something like in Genting.

During my break, I took a short walk around the factory and found that the landscape is quite pleasing. Japanese are famous with their unique landscaping and you can see it everywhere. Houses, parks, road side and so on. So today's display will be green all the way.

Here are what I have shot. A big and bushy tree.
Close up , there's a ball shaped little bush.. how cute

Tall and straight line up bushes, just like the fence... straight and neat

Another piece of well maintain and clean fieldAll this are taken from my faithful Nikon Coolpix 3200 - "Nikon Understand Digital Photography"

Ok since today I manage to come back early, I went to the nearest supermarket and bought some ham and a tempura pumpkin for my noodle. After 5 mins of cooking, here's what I have

Instant Ham noodle with tempura pampkin.

Another day ends.

Day one in Japan

Sunday, October 19, 2008

19 Oct 08, I arrived at Narita airport at about 7.40am. Before the plane landed I manage to catch some shot from above.

My plane fly with a Rolls Royce Engine. (actually is two) Woo Hoo...

LAND !! I can see land !
If you can see closely, this is Mount Fuji.

Some landscape before landing on Narita Airport

All this are taken from my faithful Nikon Coolpix 3200 - "Nikon Understand Digital Photography"

While on board , I was lucky to have the front row sits for the economy class. Therefore I manage to get off the plane quite fast. However there was a long queue at the immigration. Some system they have, scan finger prints and take photo of your face.

After going through the long immigration queue, I finally clear custom and all ready to go to Tokyo.

However I skip Tokyo but head to Ueno via Narita Express. Train leave at 9.19am and will reach Ueno station at about 10.15am. Here's the train ticket.

Upon reaching Ueno, I took another train to Akihabara (Electric City). As the name mention, is like Singapore Sim Lim Tower, KL's Jalan Pasar+Lau Yat Plaza.

Basically you get to see various shops selling electrical and electronics gadget, including camera, MP3 player, TVs Computer, Electronic components and even GPS system. Beside it, there are also various animation shop, manga characters, and some other characters that I do not know.

After hours of walking and site seeing, I stop by at the McDonald and have a quite bite before leaving to Nishi-Nasuno.

Nishi-Nasuno is about 150km from Tokyo. This is where my training going to be and I'll be staying here till end of the week.

To get to Nishi-Nasuno, there are 2 ways. The fast and the conventional slow way. Both ways are by rail. Fast rail will be riding on the Shinkansen line, travel by bullet train at the speed of >150km/hr. It will take about 45min to reach Nasushiobara and then another 5 mins through local train to Nishi-Nasuno. All in all, about 1hr to get there.

I opted for the other way, since I have 1/2 a day left. Unfortunately I got all the info wrong and ended up having to take 3 train rides and a total travel time of 4 hours

What happen ? I dunno, misinform by the rail stuffs. I basically have to change train on 2 major transit point in order to reach Nishi-Nasuno as I did not manage to bored a direct train, as the information counter did not understand what I want.. How sad.

Anyhow I still manage to reach my hotel and complete this blog on time. Is a slow journey but enjoyable and I get to see many places much clearly now.

So here's the end of day 1. I have to stop now cause i'm just too tired now. Tomorrow my training will start and basically nothing much to post.

Before I go.. here's what I have for dinner. Got it from a nearby shop and 1/2 price due to stock clearance. I have eaten one therefore left 2 for the shot.

Enjoy yourself here. Cheers..

Going to Tokyo

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today 18 October 2008 was a very tiring day for me, all because I have to take the 11.30pm flight to Tokyo.

Woke up at about 6.30am to check my Gmail, check the Google Analytics on my blogs, read up some forum posting on Internet Marketing and Adsense. And finally check out the performance of my Squidoo Lens.

After finish dealing with the internet, wend down to have a short breakfast and start cleaning the aquarium and filter. My pets need some fresh water so better do it before I leave. After finish replacing the water, took a short break and when out to the shops to get something. Took my Aunt to a mobile phone shop as she needed a new mobile phone.

Return home for lunch.... After lunch.. was so tired that I took a short nap, until some stupid telemarketing personal call me to join some fitness club.

Well check my email again... surfing again then took the car to my mechanics to fix up while I'm away. Return home and start preparing to leave for KL Sentral.

What's the rush ? well need to go to money changer, have dinner before leaving to KLIA. So after all the delay here and there, should be able to be on time.

Leave home and go to KL Sentral. Check in my bag and get the bording pass. This is the most impotant thing to do first. then go to money changer, then walk to the nearest restaurent. By the time I reach the restaurent, is almost 7pm. Have dinner with my family, drop by at my Aunt place to fix her water filter and is almost time to go back to Sentral.

Back to Sentral at about 8pm.. took the KLIA express to KLIA and here I am now. waiting to board the plane.

That's how the whole day went just to prepare my selve for Tokyo.

Anyway tomorrow will be another hactic day as my flight will arrive in Tokya early in the morning and I need to travel about 150km to NASUSHIOBARA, north of Tokyo. Before I leave Tokyo I'll spent sometime site seeing over there.

That's it for today.... have to board soon... Sayonara.

A Scrap from Ruth, my wife.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My wife has done a scrapbook for my little Ryan Boy for his 1 year Birthday.

If you love it, please give it a vote.

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My Long Raya weekend

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Well 5 days off and is almost end of the Hari Raya holiday. So what did happen on this few days. Basically nothing much. Eat and sleep.

1 October 2008
On the first day of Hari Raya we went to 1 Utama..... Have tea at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge follow by dinner at Plus One Shabu Shabu.

Here's what I ordered at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, 2 chocolate drinks in mug and warmer, one crepe and a cheese cake. I'm not introducing the favor here simply because this is not a food blog. There are many local review you can find, just do a google on Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.

Anyhow try out the mug and warmer, is worth the price. The chocolate is kind of super rich here. If you are someone who don't fancy rich chocolaty taste, then you can try something more down to earth, like their Frappes. Sorry not picture here because the time I tried it, I didn't border to take any picture.

This cheese case, is small in size, big in price but heavy in tease. So DON'T be fool by its size. It took me and my wife and my 4 years old daughther sometime to finish this cake. What favor I order ? can't really recall the actual name but it has something to do with bluebarry.

All in all I spent RM50 just for a chocolate tea break !!!

Dinner time .. at Plus One Shabu Shabu.
Well too hungry that time, so did not border to photography any food. Anyhow the food was great and everyone including my parents are filled. Nothing to comment here. Cost ? RM110

2 October 2008
Despite is my birthday, I basically did nothing but laze around at home, answering messages from Facebook. Sad....

3 October 2008
Wife wanted to spend lunch, so we end up in Bangsar Village at Deliciuos.

Nice environment, better then the one in 1 Utama, quite a cosy place to dine at. Here's my order, one Shepherds Pie, Rosemary and Garlic fried potates, one Homemade Spaghettini , one Tiramisu for desert and a Peach & Orange smoothies.

Here's the Shepherds Pie
Here's the Homemade Spaghettini, yeah is green in color

Here's the Rosemary and Garlic fried potates
And the desert Tiramisu in a glass. Heard is their signature dish.

All in all, just for one lunch, RM80+ spended.

4 October 2008
Today, have to eat economically, else will go broke before the next week start. So we ended up at Leo in SS2 for lunch, Ikea for Tea and somewhere beside Tesco for light dinner. All in all it cost less then a chocolate tea break.

Well.. that's life... there are time for good dinning, and there are time for simple dinning. What ever dinning it is, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.


Next stop.... Genting Highland on 12 October 08