Day 5 Japan

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today was another busy day. However upon reaching back to Hotel, I wanted to go to the nearest supermarket and pickup some nice food, as I'm just very hungry then.

Unfortunately the rain came and I was all stuck in the room. Good thing was I have some noodle and hams. So without any choice I cooked a simple ham noodle. Thinking that's it for my dinner for today so I continue with what I'm doing then, net surfing.

About an hour later, someone came to knock on my door, it was our Japanese Support Engineer, he invited me and another friend of mine form Singapore to join a group of trainee for dinner in one of the restaurant.

This invitation did came to me on Tuesday for this dinner from the instructor but I rejected as it will cost me allot of yen. However, when our support engineer turns out in my door step, I just can't reject him. So this time I went along with him.

The dinner was good. Contemporary style dinning. It is defiatnaly not cheap for Asian like us due to low currency value. Anyway we enjoyed ourselves very much, lots of beer, good food and good laugh. The joy kind of get a sitback when the bill comes, it was 4000 yen per person. My heart sank for a while as it like the amount of nice food I can get back in Malaysia with that kind of money.

Anyhow like they say, friendship is priceless. So after paying we just went back to our hotel.

Another day ends. Today I will not post any photos as there's nothing for me to post.

Tomorrow I'll be making my way back to Malaysia. I'll leave to Tokyo tomorrow after classes, and then fly back to Malaysia on Saturday morning. There will not be anymore post from now on.

I will now conclude my journey here. However if there are some more update while I'm in Tokyo, Ill post them later.



Moon Loh said...

Hi Nix,
I've never been to Japan and hope I have chance to travel to Japan soon.. Thinking how's the contest result of your son? Let me know ok.. =)
hey, I have visited your squidoo lens.. that's great! You have more lens than me, so I guess I should work harder! Haa..

NIX said...

Thanks, the result not out yet. I'm too are excited to know. Will let you know once we have the result.

Thanks for visiting my Squidoo. Well lately been quite lazy and less inspire to write new lens. Still in the mist of figuring out how all this internet think works. :)

BTW if you have opportunity to go Japan, try going in April.. Sakura season. Now is near winter.. quite boring.

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