Family day – What is mean to me

Saturday, November 29, 2008

For the past 7 years, I’ve been working hard in my courier, simply for one ultimate reason. I love my job, I love the things I’m doing, but this is not the main reason why I work hard, the main reason why I work so hard is that I wanted to provide enough for my family.

I want my wife to have enough for her future, my children to have good education and the family to have enough provision at all time. There are all I work for, although I myself do have my own needs but this is secondary. GOD has always said, trust me and I’ll provide, I trust him for his provision everyday, that’s why I work hard so that He can provides.

My view on life took some changes after this 2 incident, one was the arrival of my 1st child, Cheryl follow by my son Ryan 15 months ago. I watch them come into this world, I watch them grow each day. I know how much they need a secure family to grow up in. 2nd incident was the departure of my late cousin.

His departure gives a huge shock to me and it also helps me to look life in a very difference manner. Lift is short and fragile, as GOD say, our life here are temporary. Therefore if you want the best for your family’s future, you got to work now and not wait.

As I work through this two thought, my family becomes more and more important to me. It makes me feel that to be able to spent time with all of them is the greatest moment of all. Therefore no matter how much traveling I got to do for my boss, I’ll still take a little moment to be with them, if the job allows I’ll bring them along. I basically defined my family day as an outing that all of us can be together and have fun. A simple meal at McDonald is a family day to me as we get to share joy and laughter, a short holiday trip, picnic at the park or even shopping at the mall. Come to the end of the day, is my children that enjoys the most, and this makes me much more happier in life. See them laugh is what makes me going.

Do you have your own family day? Treasure those who are close to you and don’t taker them for granted. Spent as much time with those you love. Career is important but is not THE MOST important things in life.


forexwatch said...

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NIX said...

Yeah.. the no doubt. I think is one of the favorite lankmark for night photograph.

You should post this comment on the previous post. :)anyway thanks.

Moon Loh said...

Yes, you are right! Family is always the most important in my heart too! Other than my darling and Baby Moon, my parents and siblings also mean a lot to me. However, in order to have more time with my kid, I know I need to work even harder in IM because this is the only way would let me have financial freedom and let me earn while I spend more time with my family. The dream is very near to me and I believe "there is a will, there is a way"! =)

NIX said...

That's what all parents do. Earn for the future of the next generation :). Well wish u all the best in your IM

Ruth said...

How I wish everyday is family day ^.*

irosha said...

it's nice,keep it up




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