My 2009 Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year is one of the most important days for the Chinese. It is also an important day for my family and me. As tradition, we will have our reunion dinner on Chinese New Year Eve, a dinner where everyone meets up from near and far.

My family are small, about a hand full of people, mostly are my father’s sisters. For many years, the reunion dinner are prepare at home by my mum, but for the last 2 years, we have moved from home cook food to restaurant food, simply because we think that reunion dinner should be relax and less hassle. More time for sharing then busy working.

There for this year, we had another rich and fulfilling dinner at a well pack restaurant, with private room for the kids to run about and more privacy.

Although we need not to pay extra for the room, but the reservation have to be made about 3 months in advance.

Road to Success Blogging

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When ask about blogging, I guess many knows what blogging is. But how many really know how to find success in blogging?

Success blogging have wide verity of definition, it depends on your objective in your blog. Some people who like to have hundred and thousands of visitors to their blog as objective, some want to earn some money from their blog, while some just want to share information to their community as a whole. Whatever reason you have to experience success blogging, there are few fundamental that a blogger must know before venture into the blogging world.

The most important key to blogging is "TOPIC". What topic you want to blog about and find success in blogging it? If you do not have a specific topic to blog about, then blogging will only be a short moment of passion and you will not archive any success blogging for long run.

Next down the line is "PASSION", how much passion you have to the topic you want to blog about. Passion keeps you driving, encourages you to blog and blog as often as possible. Without any passion, again you will felt short to your success blogging objective and just give up some time.

One good example of passion blogging is mama blog / personal blog. I found that mother or parents who blog their daily activities with their love one, actually found great success in blogging. They can sustain their blog for long time and yet have hundred and thousand of reader. They may not have success blogging in mind when the blog have stared up, but due to their blogging activity, they have archived success blogging without knowing it.

Anyhow I think most people will find blogging interesting is simply because they can make money from it. If this is your case, please don’t make this as your objective. Make monetizing your blog as the last objective after you have found success in blogging.

This is simply because money only comes when you have readers and traffics. Without this 2 elements, there will be no money to find.

Well there are some write up about success blogging and I think is a good read for those who want to start a blog. Don’t worry as this is free and I get nothing from it. Please visit as the author, who made lot of money from the internet shares his experience and information. Please download the “The Roadmap to Become A Blogger” is a good report to read. It comes with step-by-step guide to how to archive success blogging.

Remember one thing, success blogging don't come over night. It takes a lot of hard work, patient and determination. It may take months to reach there, but with great passion and encouragement from friends and family, the journey will be easy and result can be sweet.

I here by wish all of you who wanted to start blogging to have a great year ahead and find success is many ways.

Bubbling HC

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aquascping has been my long passionate hobby. What Aquascaping basically involved is to create a garden of greens in an aquarium that is fill with water and live fishes. It other words, make your aquarium look as natural as possible with live plants.

HC (Hemianthus callitrichoides) is a form of carpet plant, which mean it will eventually grow like grass, coving the whole floor. Its leave is about 2-3mm in diameter, making it a very unique and nice looking plant to keep.

For the pass 2 years, I have been striving to find success with this plant. It is not a easy plant to keep as it will die easily. For two years, I have been trying and trying and finally I have found success.

I now have a large amount of healthy green HC planted.

Here are some that have been kept in my tank. Is bubbling and green, a sign of good health. I’ll see how far this batch will go.

Here's how I harvest my HC in emerge form (Out of water)
Close up look at how HC leafs look like.

2009 A new Beginning

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 will be a very challenging year for me. Everyone knows that 2009 will be a very difference year, bad economy, recession, uncertainty.

Well I can rest aside the worries of bad economy, recession and uncertainty but I cannot ignore that it doesn’t exist. This is simply because if anything happen, I’m well prepared for it. Also, there nothing much I can do besides saving enough for rainy days. The rest of the situation, I’ll leave it in pray as God will make his ways.

What is more important to me is what can I do for 2009?

Well a lot. There are plenty of works for me to do in 2009. My boss and hinted, company may not be in it best position, but we still have lots of work to do, compare with others. This is a sign of relieve for us so he advised that don’t stop doing what you are trained to do even though if there’s no bonuses are salary increment. Put in your best and weather the storm together and we will emerge victory! Truly is a very encouraging word to say!

So 2009 is a time of not giving up for me. A time for me to set new goals, Goals that MUST archive blogs that must be posted on time and constantly updated.

Meeting deadline is my greatest weakness. I simply can’t stick to the given time frame to finish a job and this is really weakening my performance. This year I’m out to conquer this weakness.

Do I need to do that? YES and YES. I must be able to update my blogs on time, else my blogs will not be active. I need to submit assignment for my boss, else I’ll not have bonuses and incentive. I need to spin off my internet marketing project, else I’ll left nothing to eat if I lost my job.

So do you think my goal is realistic and importance at this point of time?

2008 in Conclusion

Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 was a very challenging year for me. Where I am now, is mostly due to few events that had happen in 2008.

Firstly, 2008 is not a very good year for me. It was a year of uncertainty that leads me to look at life at a differently view.

Firstly, in the beginning of the year, my daughter started Kindo. We were excited and came to realize that how fast time moved and now she's big enough to go to "school". Well the excitement ended shortly when she started to fall ill frequently due high exposure to the unprotected world. At once she fell so sick that we have to admit her to hospital for observation. It hurts me so much to see her on drips, injection and medication to cure her fever. Further to it, the hospital bill was expensive too as she was admitted to a private hospital without insurance coverage. I have to pay everything from my wallet. Thank GOD that I have enough saving for such raining day.

As March arrived, it was time to renew the country’s government and a general election and polling was called. However this general election have seen major changes on the political scenes, the opposition party gain some ground and manage to hold some large number of parliament sits. The whole country’s political situation just changed over night as the opposition parties was so close to rule the country and they are trying so hard to do that. This has caused a lot of uncertainty especially to the stock market. Investors were cautious and the market just went into panic selling. This has caused me to lost quite substantial amount of funds in there.

The situation went worst when US credit crunch came in and recession was predicted on the way. The market fall further and I just lost all hope in it. Not mentioning my money.

There’s where I turn to other source of extra incoming. As I do my research online, I come across this term “Make money online”. So I wonder how does all these works?

Well here I am, blogging, Internet marketing, Adsense and any other possible money making ways from the Internet. Where do I stand now? I don’t know. I’ll leave it for my 2009 resolution.

But I do know something; I have learned tremendously here, from zero so a lot of knowledge. I made new friends from other country. I try out many strategy and technique and I can say that I’m getting better now. But how successful I can be? I’ll leave that for 2009 conclusion.

In general, 2008 did not start well and went to worst when coming to 3rd quarter, however the internet gave me a new ray of hope and had open new windows for me. So what’s on 2009?

Well challenging. 2009 is not a good year as many have predicted, Economy downturn, recession, retrenchment and etc. So what hope do we have here? The answers that I found were all right in front of the monitor. I got to think differently, act differently, and be different. Therefore 2009 is going to be a great year for me. I’m going to prove that what seems impossible can be make possible.

I’ll leave the rest on my 2009 resolution post. So, tune in.

Happy 2009