A visit to KL Bird Park

Saturday, February 7, 2009

After toying with my Nikon D60 for 2 weeks, I decided to have a photography outing with another D60 user, who has bought the camera together with me. We decided to have this outing to learn better photography skills and be more familiar with our new camera. KL Bird Park was decided due to it unique feature and varieties of photograph objects.

I took this opportunity to bring along my wife and daughter together and make it a family day outing. Upon arrival at KL Bird Park, I was surprise on the land area of this place. So I check out the information leaflet and came to know that KL Bird Park has the world larges free-flight walk-in aviary. What it means is that you can walk together with various kind of birds, touch them and have photo with them. It is like walking in a large birdcages.

True indeed when you enter the parks, birds are everywhere and they are not camera shy. The environment is very smoothing with large greenery, making the walk very comfortable. Not too hot yet not too gloomy. However it does give me quite a difficult time in setting the right exposure for my camera.

It was a very challenging task for me to photograph all those awesome looking birds. I have limitation in focus length and struggling to get the right setting for the camera. Anyhow I have a great time, my daughter loves the visits but we have to leave this place without completing the entire path due to exhaustion.

End of the day, I would say, KL Bird Park is a great place for photographer, a great place for children to learn and is also a great place for a family outing.

You can find out more about KL Bird Park at www.klbirdpark.com

Here are some photo from KL Bird Park. You can find more photos in my photo blog at Nix Digital Photo World


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