Guide to CPA Affiliate

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On What is CPA Affiliate, I wrote a short introduction to CPA affiliate. Here I’m introducing some guide for you to know on CPA Affiliate before you start.

In every venture you take, knowledge is the key to success. Without proper knowledge, chances of failure are high and this can be very discouraging.

Running a CPA Affiliate is like running a business. You need to have a plan, a strategy and most important, customers.

Most of all, you need to know everything about CPA affiliate.

We now know that how CPA Affiliate works. It sound simple, it sound straightforward and it sound dead easy. If that’s the case, why are they not many people found success here and make tones of money?

In all Internet business, the key element to success in making money online is Traffic. Without traffic, there’s basically nothing will happen, no matter now good your campaign is, how professional your web site look.

So before you go jumping into the wagon and go all out to build your business, learn how to make traffic first.

To learn more about CPA affiliate, click here to download the free copy of 89 pages report from Gauher Chaudhry. In his report, it explain everything you need to know about CPA Affiliate, including traffic making, market research and tones of resources for you to start with.

This should give you a good start on CPA affiliate and who knows, you maybe next to become a millionaire just form the Internet marketing.

What is CPA Affiliate ?

Friday, March 27, 2009

It has been sometime that I haven't really looked into my mailbox and read all those email. Last week I took the time to do so and something caught my attention. After so many months toying with affiliate marketing, I’m kind of sensitive to the word “AFFILIATE”.

Here was what I found in my email, CPA Affiliate. My first though was what is this? Another affiliate product in the market? But when I read further, this email came from someone who I have drop my contact to some months ago for affiliate tips.

So What is CPA Affiliate ?

I’ve done some research on this and came to understand that CPA affiliates and affiliate marketing are very similar. Before I go further into what is CPA affiliate, let get some understanding what CPA is.

CPA basically stands for “Cost-Per-Action”. In the internet term, it means that when ever a user carryout a defined actions, there will be a certain kind of payment from the advertiser. This usually involve fill up certain details on an online form like email address, interest and so one. The payment can either pay to the user or someone who introduce the user.

Therefore in CPA affiliate, the affiliate will be a person who introduces a user to a certain site and if the user successfully completed a request from the advertiser, the affiliate will get a small amount of payment, usually range from few cents to a $1 - $2.

So why this interest me?

When I was doing affiliate marketing, I basically introduce someone to buy certain product and I get some commission paid on it. However the difficult part here is to convince someone to buy and this is no easy task.

In CPA affiliate, I do not need to convince someone to buy but to just need them to fill out some details. That won’t be too difficult because most people are willing to drop their email address in return for some information. And I get paid for this. It will not be much, maybe just $1 a refer but imagine this, to refer 50 people to a site is much easier then referring a person to buy a product of $50 and get 75% commission from it.

This is what caught my attention and this is what CPA affiliate is all about.

Here's a post I have written regarding a some simple guide to CPA affiliate.

60 Earth Hour

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The world first global election is coming. An Election between Mother Earth and Global Warming. Every citizen on Earth can vote, regardless of all ages, nationalities, race and background.

Give Earth a vote by simply switching off your light for one hour on 28 March 09, on 8.30pm.

So what can you do when the lights are out ? Well, have candle light dinner with your love one, watch and count stars, sleep early or even tell a ghost story to your friends. Its only for 1 hour, how tough can it be ?

Back from Langkawi

Friday, March 13, 2009

Well after spending almost a week in Langkawi, for work and pleasure, finally I'm back home.

How were the days in Langkawi ? I would say, superb, and I guess I should have vacation like this more often.

The first 4 days was tiring, as I have to conduct a training to almost 20 personnel but then the fun kicks in on the last 3 days, where I really have time to be alone with my wife.

Back to reality, having time to be alone is almost impossible, with 2 kids on the hands it is like nightmare. In fact I do not remember when was the last time my wife and me get to be together without interruption. I think was about 4.5 year ago, before our daughter came to this world.

So what did I do for my vacation? Basically eat and eat and eat. 1st meal was at The Loaf (own by our formal PM). The food was expensive but not too bad. We then went for some sight seeing, driving around the island.

When late evening came, I need to go back to Kuah Town to make sure my students get to board the bus to the airport. After sending them off, we drop by a restaurant and had dinner. Ordered some seafood and my wife wanted to have seafood. Being only 2 people, ordering food is not easy and we ended up eating more then we can. Thanks to those tasty crabs.

2nd was could say was a disappointed day. Wanted to go to the cable car as it was the main purpose of our visit to Langkawi, but of all day, it was close for maintenance. So we decided to do sometime else, went to Underwater world. I was not that keen to go but since we have nothing else to do so may as well spent some time there.

Again another big blow, the 3D theater was on maintenance as well. SO no 3D just watches fishes swimming and penguins feeding.

So since we have more time now, drove back to Kuah Town to the jetty and photograph eagle, The main attraction of Langkawi, Dataran Lang (Eagle Square). After photographing that big eagle status, we head back to hotel to have a dip at the pool.

This was our last night in Langkawi and I decided to eat in at the hotel's hawker by the pool. Went back to our room to have a bath and prepare to go for dinner. To our surprise, the rain came and we got to wait till it stops.

After the rain, we head out to the poolside and found horror, all stalls are close due to the rain. So what for dinner?

No choice got to go back to Pantai Cenang and look for restaurant. Ended up seafood again! Well meal was satisfying but day was bad.

The next day, we just prepare to go home, guess without the kids just don't make us feel that good. The heart still misses them.

Here are some photos taken from Langkawi. I'll leave the rest on my photoblog. Check it out if you want to see more.

First Affiliate Sale

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I started internet marketing about 1/2 year ago and started to sell affiliate product from clickbank.

The first product was a weight lost diet program known as Strip That Fat. After going thought the guide and tutorial and some research. I roam out to start my first business.

I was hesitate to go into PPC campaign as it cost me money and I know that through articles writing, I can promote this product ast well. So I wrote a couple of squidoo lenses in Squidoo and started a blog to promote this product.

However after couple of months down the road, I still don't get any sales and was wanted to give up, believing that this will never work.

I left my blog and had stop writing lenses for it.

However to my supprise, I did a sales last month, and I got a commission of $38.80. This is just too great.

I'm so happy now since I have made my 1st sales.

I got to say now. Affliate program does work but it takes time and patient. Is not as simple as what other claim but if you put your heart in it and don't expect too much, maybe you will be surprise on what you may have in return.

If you are interested to know what I have done, feel free to visit this sites

1. Slimming Health Blog

2. Most visted Squidoo lens

Going to Langkawi

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'll be going to Langkawi Island for official business tomorrow. Will spent 4 days carrying out my duty before I take another 3 days off for holiday.

Langkawi is an island up north in the state of Kedah. A resort island that fills with fun, sun and histories. It is a duty free island, where all things are free of duty, including beer!

Thanks to AirAsia for offering low price air ticket, I manage to book a flight for my wife who will be joining me after my work is done here. To my surprise, with the low fare plus 20% discount, I only have to pay RM95.20 for a return ticket.

All reservation was made and I'm looking forward for a holiday without the kids, a time to be on our own without the stress of parenthood.

Just wondering now how will I go through the first 4 days ?