Setting up a marine aqurium - Day 1

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have decided to used my existing 2 feet tank and convert it into a Nemo Tank (Clown Fish).

Clown Fish aka Nemo belong to the salt water species, therefore the setting of the tank will have to use the marine technique instate if fresh water technique.

As I'm more familiar with fresh water setup, marine setup is a totally new subject to me. Therefore lots of research was made before I start and I got to say, is another new challenge to me.

Here I document the process and I used to setup.
Day 1, 9 May 09
Perform aquascaping (decorate the tank)

This is the beginning stage. Will add live rocks later when the canister filter arrived. At this moment, I’m just using the HOB filter to keep then water running.

Water is still at fresh state, ie no sea salt added yet as I’m expecting to do a few more found of water change, until the water is clear.

Prepared the base with dead coral sand and some fine white sand. Once the gravel is set, I place the dead coal at the center of the tank. The left and right of the tank will be reserved for live rocks.

Fill the tank with fresh water and let the HOB filter run to clear off debris and dirt. Will replace the water a few time until the water become totally clear. Once the water is ready, I will then add sea salt to get the correct salinity.

Day 2 and Day 3 of the setup is ready. Click the following link to read on.

Day 2 of the setup

Day 3 of the setup