My 1st Marine Aquarium.

Monday, July 27, 2009

After almost 1 months, my tank finally coming to shape.

Here's how the final results look like. It looks a bit bare, but as time comes I'll slowly add in more species, especially on corals.

I've also included few DIY gadgets, like the protein skimmer at the back, a 36W PL-L lighting, which I've mod from a 20w, 2 feet bigboy light hood and a 12V DC cooling fan.

More DIY gadgets coming, include a auto water top up and temperature control cooling fans.

Planning a babymoon vacation

Friday, July 24, 2009

Have you ever consider having a second honeymoon before your baby is due? If the answer is yes, you are basically referring to a term known as babymoon.

The purpose of having a babymoon is very similar to having a honeymoon. Is basically some romantic, quality time together with the exception that there’s a baby in the tummy waiting to joint you.

Going for a babymoon vacation will not be as easy as having a honeymoon, this is simple because your baby in your tummy is very fragile and great amount of cares are needed for both mother and child.

This will require lots of planning and some precaution to be consider.

This video will give you some brief insign on what "Babymoon Travelling Information Guide" is all about and how it can benefit you in preparing your babymoon vacation.

Earn a living by Making Money Online

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Internet with its wide opportunity to make money online seems too easy and true. Does it really works? Can you really earn a living by making money online?

There’s no definite answer to this question. You can earn a living by making money online, provided you know how and this is no easy task. Yet you can still earn some penny money online easily without too much hassle. But this will not allows you to earn a living on it.

How do you earn penny money without too much effort?

There are many ways to do it. Here is some of it

Advertisement on facebook, twitter or Myspace
By joining such program, you get to receive some small amount of advertisement commission by just display ads or promoting ads. You won’t get rich here but probably earn couple of dollars in a month. I have used twitter to promote CPC ads from Social spark. After 2 months of doing it, I manage to collect about $9 of commission.

Adsense is still a popular way to make money online. Again don’t expect this system to bring in hundreds of dollar in a month. Unless you have very high blog traffic or web traffic, we are looking at a figure of >1000 visitors

Pay per post
Those were the days where blogger can make hundred or even thousand of dollar on such program. With the popularity of twitter and facebook, most advertisers has shift their focus to such advertising medium and less are for payperpost. You may still manage to receive few opportunities in a month but this would not be enough to earn you a living.

Online Survey
Online survey such as is another way to make some brief income. By answering and completing survey form, you will get some compensation for your hard work. There are also times that you get rewarded with gifts or coupons instate of hard cash. This program, you need to work hard for it, spending hours just to earn couple of dollar. Is no easy job !

Some other means of earning money online such as involving in discussion group like MyLot and get paid by reading email. All this will just make you penny and sometime the effort you put in is just not justify to do it.

So am I saying that Earn a living by Making Money Online is all of a scam and there’s no truth about it.
The answer is NO. There are certain truth in making money online and get filthy rich with it. But there’s no short cut or easy way to doing it.

To able to earn a lot online is the same as doing business online. By doing business, as real business such as offering services and trading of products. All this will require certain amount of hard work like building a website (Create a store), buying traffic (advertisement), promotion, campaign and so on. It takes great amount of effort to sell and once the sales get going, money will start to flow in.

The advantage of selling online was that you do not need to have your own product to sell. There are many products that are available online where you can sell and get commission from it. This is what is known as affiliate program. Again you need to put in effort to promote, sell and advertise, and your goal here is to promote the product as much as possible until people willing to buy.

PayDotCom is a marketplace where you can find lots of product to sell with commission as high as 75%.

So what they say, earn a living by making money online is nothing special. It is possible through many mean. But again is not simple and fast. If someone claim that you can make money online and get rich without doing anything, this most probably is a scam.

Get pay to do surveys online.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Many companies engage Survey Company to do field test, to know what people wants and create new products that meets the general public needs. Therefore the information obtained from the survey is valuable to these companies and hence they are willing to pay good money for it.

We as the general public can take this opportunities to make ourselves some handsome income just by enrolling in such program. Of cause the information feedback must be genuine and properly done. A code of ethic here is to give valuable information and not just for the sake of getting paid for the surveys.

Get pay to do surveys online help changes the way pay survey is done. Now just by sitting in front of the computer, you get to do as many survey that is available to you and you can imaging how much you can make if each survey will pay you at lease $10.

Just look at a small picture for a start. Doing 10 surveys in a month with each survey will pay you $10 will give you a monthly income of $100. This money will help cover your electricity bills, ISP services and may have some surplus to spent.

Imagine now if you do a survey everyday, with each survey pays you $10, you will get $300 a month. All you need is to spend about 30-60 mins in front of the computer, filling up forms. That’s nothing too difficult to do right?

If you are someone who uses the Internet very often, this should not be a problem and there are possibilities that you can do more then 1 survey in a day. The math goes on from here.

Wait now, the above illustration is just assuming you get pay $10/survey. What about surveys that pay you more than that? So I think by now you can image how the math sums up and how much money you get to earn just to take part and get pay to do surveys.

So are you ready to get paid by doing survey? Or you still have doubt as it just sound to simple and more like a scam.

Well if you do some research through Googling, you will find lots of information and how true this system works. is one online companies that will pay YOU from $5 to $125 for Each Survey. It come with a 90 days money back guaranty if you are not happy with their services.

There are people who try to abuse this by not being serious in doing good survey. As I mention earlier, code of ethics here is to give good information and not just for the sake of filling up the survey form and take the money.

So, many Survey agents will impost some one-time charges for those who willing to enroll into the program. This is to ensure that the person who signup is serious about doing business. Of cause the enrollment sum may look big but imagine the return you will get, most probably the first few surveys receive will help cover up the cost of enrollment.

OnlineBestSurvey.Com, is the best online survey that willing to pay good money for each survey done. Sign up now and see your earning grow. If you feel that this system does not suit you in 90 days, they are willing to refund your subscription fees.

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