Setting up a marine aqurium - Day 4

Friday, June 19, 2009

Finally, after waiting for almost 3weeks, here comes the day to move in the resident. You may ask why wait so long ?

This is simply because I'm allowing the tank to get cycled. What this means is that once the tank is running with live rock and filter working, we need to give some time for the good bacteria to grow.

This bacteria is useful in removing ammonia and fish wastes. Without this bacteria, new fishes when added will cause an ammonia spike and hence causes casualty.

So after 3 weeks, I do a water parameter test.
  1. Water temperature, it was maintain in between 28C - 30C. This is good.
  2. PH test, Water ph is maintain at 8.3-8.5, that's good as marine fishes love such PH level.
  3. Ammonia test. I do not have a ammonia tester, so I tested for nitrite, (NO) which is a sub product of Ammonia. The reading turns out to be good, which is 0 ppm
  4. Salinity (water saltiness). Salinity should be around 1.02 - 1.025. Using a hydrometer, the salinity measured was about 1.02. tha's good also but I added abit more salt to bring up the salinity, just in case if I overfill the tank with freshwater, it does not hurt the salinity.
It looks like the tank is all ready to go.

Here's the first resident, 2 orange clown fish. Now don't be too excited to add all the fishes into the tank, cause we are not sure whether the tank is really ready for fishes. This 2 Nemo will be the guinea pig. If they survive, that means the tank is all ready.


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