2009 A new Beginning

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 will be a very challenging year for me. Everyone knows that 2009 will be a very difference year, bad economy, recession, uncertainty.

Well I can rest aside the worries of bad economy, recession and uncertainty but I cannot ignore that it doesn’t exist. This is simply because if anything happen, I’m well prepared for it. Also, there nothing much I can do besides saving enough for rainy days. The rest of the situation, I’ll leave it in pray as God will make his ways.

What is more important to me is what can I do for 2009?

Well a lot. There are plenty of works for me to do in 2009. My boss and hinted, company may not be in it best position, but we still have lots of work to do, compare with others. This is a sign of relieve for us so he advised that don’t stop doing what you are trained to do even though if there’s no bonuses are salary increment. Put in your best and weather the storm together and we will emerge victory! Truly is a very encouraging word to say!

So 2009 is a time of not giving up for me. A time for me to set new goals, Goals that MUST archive blogs that must be posted on time and constantly updated.

Meeting deadline is my greatest weakness. I simply can’t stick to the given time frame to finish a job and this is really weakening my performance. This year I’m out to conquer this weakness.

Do I need to do that? YES and YES. I must be able to update my blogs on time, else my blogs will not be active. I need to submit assignment for my boss, else I’ll not have bonuses and incentive. I need to spin off my internet marketing project, else I’ll left nothing to eat if I lost my job.

So do you think my goal is realistic and importance at this point of time?


Ruth said...

What about for family???

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