Bubbling HC

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aquascping has been my long passionate hobby. What Aquascaping basically involved is to create a garden of greens in an aquarium that is fill with water and live fishes. It other words, make your aquarium look as natural as possible with live plants.

HC (Hemianthus callitrichoides) is a form of carpet plant, which mean it will eventually grow like grass, coving the whole floor. Its leave is about 2-3mm in diameter, making it a very unique and nice looking plant to keep.

For the pass 2 years, I have been striving to find success with this plant. It is not a easy plant to keep as it will die easily. For two years, I have been trying and trying and finally I have found success.

I now have a large amount of healthy green HC planted.

Here are some that have been kept in my tank. Is bubbling and green, a sign of good health. I’ll see how far this batch will go.

Here's how I harvest my HC in emerge form (Out of water)
Close up look at how HC leafs look like.


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