Setting up A web server

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yesterday, as I was surfing some information regarding blogging, I came to John Chow dot Com's blog. Here, there are various writing on how he monetize his blog to earn a great sum of income. As I go through his pages, he has an ebook that talks about this and is free for download. The ebook is titled "Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com". Since is free so why now, just download and see what is in there, nothing to lose.

As I was going through the first 2 chapters of this ebook, the author suggested to have a registered domain name for your blog as it will make your blog look much more professional. After giving it some thought, he does have a point here, however to get a registered domain you need to pay for it. If the blog is left dormant, then it will be a wasted.

So before you head hard into a personal domain blog, better think carefully whether how deep is your passion in blogging.

Anyway this is not my point for this post. As I was thinking about having my own domain name for my blog, I started to think on how much I can contribute to the blog and what is my long term plan for it.

Further to it, I also need time to build traffic and it may be a few months before I can see traffics and a little income from Adsense and other affiliate. Further more I need to setup the whole blogging software on your own, and this will require certain amount of time before the blog can be up and running. This is what I thought so. My greatest concern here is worrying that blogging becomes a burden instate of fun thing to do.

So I draw up a plan, to setup a web server in my home network,and study the usability of wordpress. I'll use this as my experiment setup before I go into the real thing. Once I know all the tricks and procedure and is ready to move to personal blog domain, I can then do it easily, with one eye close, withour wasting time to figure out what went wrong and why it does not work.

So I do some googling on how to setup a web server and I came upon a tutorial that teach you to setup a local web server that is not connected into the WWW but on your local network. It uses Apache web server with MySQL and PHP5. So with the tutorial, I follow step by step and when coming to the last page, I found that there's some bug between Apache and PHP5 that the php pages just don't load. This problem was only mention on the commen area and it sure get me frastrated after struggle for hours just to figure out where I have done wrong. When I check again on the tutorial, it was dated in 2005 and the software version mention in the artical was an older version which has proven to works. Sigh...

Back to Google again and this time I come upon this software called XAMPP. Again this uses Aparche, as basic web server with SQL, PHP, FTP and some other apps. Good thing about this software was it is an all in once, one click installation kit. During installation, everything will be setup accordingly, no need to worry about configuration at all.

It tooks about 10 mins to complite the installation, few mins to run though the software and it setting and walah server is running. It was as simple as that.

I'll now further test the server and how to actually setup for multiple hosting. Next stop is wordpress. This I'll leave it for another day, as it is getting late and I have to go to sleep soon. In the mean time, I'll have to continue ready "Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com" and see how far can i go and how true is his story.


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