Wordpress Installation

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yesterday, I have successfully setup my Apache web server and everything is working fine.

Today I'll setup WordPress, a blogging software.

Setting up can be tricky if you do not read the instruction carefully. Here's how it goes.

System Requirement. Must be installed and running before WordPress is installed

  • PHP version 4.3 or higher.
  • MySQL version 4.0 or higher.

Installation procedure
1. Download WordPress
2. Setup a MySQL database at the web server. Here's the instruction
3. Extract WordPress.ZIP into a folder and copy the folder to htdocs folder where xampp is installed.
4. Install WordPress. Here's the instruction
5. Open your IE / Firefox and try accessing the file. Normally using the following address, assuming wordpress is installed in a folder name Wordpress in htdocs folder


A setup page will display, follow the instruction and you are done with the installation.

Next is to download your favorite template from Wordpress and load it into Wordpress.

Well here's the simple instruction that helps me to successfully installed WordPress in my local PC.

Next stop, design my own blog layout.


Moon Loh said...

Are you going to have your self hosting blog or wordpress hosting blog? If for self hosting blog, the wordpress download should be "wordpress.org". Here your pic shown is "wordpress.com" which host at wordpress. The result will be same as your blogger blog.

NIX said...

I don't think at this moment I'm going to Wordpress. Maybe later when when I have decided to have my own self host blog.

At this moment, still learning on all the tricks and tactics on monetize blogging

Anonymous said...

I get it clear idea about wordpress and how it's working all the points.I follow above your steps to install my wordpress blog through your guide.web hosting in india

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