Is Christmas Time !

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is the time of the year where everyone is looking forward to, Christmas! I love Christmas, simply because is the time of sharing and also time of relaxing, after one whole year or working. I usually will take off from work from Christmas to New Year, depends how the holiday falls, just to be at home or go for a short vacation or simply try to finish off any works that need attention at home.

It is also the time where there are sales all over the places. Many people will take this opportunity to buy themselves some new cloths for the New Year. Is also the time for us parents to think what to buy as present for everyone, not only the kids but for parents, brothers, sisters and friends.

Kids love Christmas the most, why? Simply because they will get presents from daddy, mummy, grandpa and grandma

My daughter Cheryl has drawn up her wish list and informed me that she wants daddy to buy this toy and grandpa to buy the other toy.

My son Ryan, only 15 months old does not understand what Christmas is but knows how to follow the sister and enjoy the fun.

Well, Christmas time must have Christmas tree and some Christmas deco at home, else it will not feel like Christmas. So we setup the Christmas trees 2 days ago.

For the pass years, decorating the tree belongs to the responsibility of daddy and mummy. However this year we have a new member to decorate the tree, and mum was kick out of the team, simply because she needs to keep Ryan away as he is the master of destroyer.

So let me welcome our new deco member, CHERYL. She decorated the whole tree alone. Daddy only responsible to put up the lighting and help tweak the deco. Cheryl now is the official owner of this Christmas tree.

Decorating the Christmas tree has been much more cheaper and easier now, thanks to IKEA for offering cheap and affordable deco kit.

When coming near to Christmas day, Ikea will usually put on some discount on their deco kit and this is the time where we grab as much as possible. Therefore we ended up with various colors theme for Christmas.

This year our color theme is GOLD, this kits were bought sometime ago but was not used.

Now Christmas tree is just look sparking gold. Sitting at the corner of the hall waiting for Santa to place to big presents underneath it. Only thing that really need some attention is the Bronze star. It needed to be replaced with a GOLD star. I’ll have to look for a nice GOLD star while I’m away on business trip this weekend.


Ruth said...

Yeah... she is such a creative bee!

Bhing said...

Nice Christmas tree pictures.. Cool editing! Merry Christmas to you..

corrin said...

I always get so excited to decorate the Christmas tree. Then halfway through I get bored and slop the rest of the ornaments on. Haha.

Psyche Skinner said...

Nice tree, much more restrained then me--I just throw everything on without any color scheme :)

Julie said...

Oh I love your Christmas decorating pictures! I have teenage boys, and it's like pulling teeth to get them to help me now, although they use to LOVE IT when they were little.

cady said...

cute pictures. i love decorating for christmas. it makes me happy. :)

NIX said...

Christmas day.... is the day of the year that I always look forward to. And I always try to make it as a family activity as Christmas has more meaning that just setting up Christmas tree and shopping.

BTW those pics are edited by my wife Ruth.

little prince's mummy said...

Merry Xmas

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