The Easter Story

Friday, February 27, 2009

Easter Sunday is coming; it is another day of joy and celebration for many Christian. It is a day that marks the resurrection of Jesus after being crucify at the cross.

For Christian, the meaning of Easter has no stranger to them; however for those who do not know Jesus, Easter maybe just be a day in the calendar that marks another holiday.

What is Easter you may ask, well to describe it in words may not be that easy, so I would like to invite those who like to know about Easter to a special Easter Musical presentation at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on 10-12 April 2009

The presentation is all about Jesus and how he was crucify on the cross and resurrection on the 3rd day, which is Easter. It is a live presentation by kids, adults and seniors. The presentation is filled with dramas, music and dances. Kids will love it, adults will enjoy it.

Further to it, it is free and is open to all non Muslim. No reservation is required, no ticket is required. Just walk in, grab your sits and enjoy the show.

Bring along your family for this event as it is just a 2 hours event.

Below information maybe useful for those who are interested to go.

If you like to know more, please fell free to drop me a comment or email.


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