Saturday, February 28, 2009

I was greatly saddened after receiving accusation regarding a post I posted on 15 Feb, title Valentine Day Cheese Cake.

It was a simple post of cake making but it turns out to be something personal to many, and I got personality attack by them.

For those who read it and got its own interpretation, I hope you know how to keep it to yourself and not criticizing me for not caring for my family.

Those who read my blog, please understand my profile, it says "my journey to the unknown territory of blogging, making money and some of my new found interest." I did not dedicate this blog to tell the world what I do with my family and I'm not appreciate to be told what I should do and what should not do with my family.

My family is my personal life and I like to keep it personal.

If you have doubt, drop me a comment or email.

I'll share my life with all readers when I want to and most of the time I want to keep it to myself.

A man need to have room for himself, for self expression.

Hope that I make myself clear.


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