Going to Langkawi

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'll be going to Langkawi Island for official business tomorrow. Will spent 4 days carrying out my duty before I take another 3 days off for holiday.

Langkawi is an island up north in the state of Kedah. A resort island that fills with fun, sun and histories. It is a duty free island, where all things are free of duty, including beer!

Thanks to AirAsia for offering low price air ticket, I manage to book a flight for my wife who will be joining me after my work is done here. To my surprise, with the low fare plus 20% discount, I only have to pay RM95.20 for a return ticket.

All reservation was made and I'm looking forward for a holiday without the kids, a time to be on our own without the stress of parenthood.

Just wondering now how will I go through the first 4 days ?


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