What is CPA Affiliate ?

Friday, March 27, 2009

It has been sometime that I haven't really looked into my mailbox and read all those email. Last week I took the time to do so and something caught my attention. After so many months toying with affiliate marketing, I’m kind of sensitive to the word “AFFILIATE”.

Here was what I found in my email, CPA Affiliate. My first though was what is this? Another affiliate product in the market? But when I read further, this email came from someone who I have drop my contact to some months ago for affiliate tips.

So What is CPA Affiliate ?

I’ve done some research on this and came to understand that CPA affiliates and affiliate marketing are very similar. Before I go further into what is CPA affiliate, let get some understanding what CPA is.

CPA basically stands for “Cost-Per-Action”. In the internet term, it means that when ever a user carryout a defined actions, there will be a certain kind of payment from the advertiser. This usually involve fill up certain details on an online form like email address, interest and so one. The payment can either pay to the user or someone who introduce the user.

Therefore in CPA affiliate, the affiliate will be a person who introduces a user to a certain site and if the user successfully completed a request from the advertiser, the affiliate will get a small amount of payment, usually range from few cents to a $1 - $2.

So why this interest me?

When I was doing affiliate marketing, I basically introduce someone to buy certain product and I get some commission paid on it. However the difficult part here is to convince someone to buy and this is no easy task.

In CPA affiliate, I do not need to convince someone to buy but to just need them to fill out some details. That won’t be too difficult because most people are willing to drop their email address in return for some information. And I get paid for this. It will not be much, maybe just $1 a refer but imagine this, to refer 50 people to a site is much easier then referring a person to buy a product of $50 and get 75% commission from it.

This is what caught my attention and this is what CPA affiliate is all about.

Here's a post I have written regarding a some simple guide to CPA affiliate.


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