First Affiliate Sale

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I started internet marketing about 1/2 year ago and started to sell affiliate product from clickbank.

The first product was a weight lost diet program known as Strip That Fat. After going thought the guide and tutorial and some research. I roam out to start my first business.

I was hesitate to go into PPC campaign as it cost me money and I know that through articles writing, I can promote this product ast well. So I wrote a couple of squidoo lenses in Squidoo and started a blog to promote this product.

However after couple of months down the road, I still don't get any sales and was wanted to give up, believing that this will never work.

I left my blog and had stop writing lenses for it.

However to my supprise, I did a sales last month, and I got a commission of $38.80. This is just too great.

I'm so happy now since I have made my 1st sales.

I got to say now. Affliate program does work but it takes time and patient. Is not as simple as what other claim but if you put your heart in it and don't expect too much, maybe you will be surprise on what you may have in return.

If you are interested to know what I have done, feel free to visit this sites

1. Slimming Health Blog

2. Most visted Squidoo lens


marymeagan said...

Good for you Yong I have created 2 Squidoo lenses myself and now trying to figure out how to make a blog (my computer skills are weak but getting better)and HTML is quite new to me and haven't figured out how to link my blog to my lenses.
I have also promoted from Clickbank (Wealthy Affiliate and Secret Fat Loss Secret).
I have been at it now for about 5 months with no sales yet but optomistic.
I will stay with Squidoo and article writting for as PPC scares me at the moment.
Glad you got a sale,makes you feel good

NIX said...


Thanks for visiting. I would say continue with your squidoo lenses and articles. I have 7 of them for one niche before I stop writing. If you have follow WA advices, they will suggest to write as much as possible and I got to agree with them.

As for blog, blog is all about information and to maintain that information is not easy. Unless you have tonnes to write about or an expert on this field, i won't suggest you to start one so soon.

I was a member of WA, and i got to say, there are tonnes of resources there, unfortunately i just can't afford the membership, that's y I stop. If you r a wa member, go learn up about PPC. Don;t apply them until you know what is it all about.

I have heard many people lost money in PPC simply because they did not learn enough b4 going into selling.

I think PPC is much more effective then lenses, but of cause is an investment with uncertain return until you know how to fully utilize it.

Good luck to you ...

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