Day 4 in Japan

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

22 Oct 08

Another day ends. Tiring...

While on my way back to hotel, I drop by a DIY store just to look for thing, and I stumble upon this items, which was asked from my wife to look out for. It is something call a Bento kit. It is used to prepare bento style lunch box, that makes the food much more attracting and appealing. It is widely used to encourage children or kids to eat their lunch while in school.

Seems like it is very popular among young mothers.

Anywhere there are more to Bento but that's all that I know.

So will I be getting nicely pack lunch for from my wife everyday for work ? well that I got to wait and see.

Here's what I have bought.
Some cute little pickle for finger foods.
From the drawing instruction, this seems like an egg molder. It reshape the egg from an egg shape to the desire shape... I think

This is a sausage maker. It shapes a sausage / hot dog to a fish, a crab and a girl... Interesting... no more dog shape

This are bread cutter, it basically cut the bread into various shape. Here I have an elephant, a whale, a dog and a car.
Another bread cutter with various figure
Well hope my wife likes it and my kids too.

Oh tonight dinner... well got to be simple cause can't find anything interesting in the supermarket. So i make noodle dry style with ham.. too bad I have no oil.. else can fry an egg.



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