Going to Tokyo

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today 18 October 2008 was a very tiring day for me, all because I have to take the 11.30pm flight to Tokyo.

Woke up at about 6.30am to check my Gmail, check the Google Analytics on my blogs, read up some forum posting on Internet Marketing and Adsense. And finally check out the performance of my Squidoo Lens.

After finish dealing with the internet, wend down to have a short breakfast and start cleaning the aquarium and filter. My pets need some fresh water so better do it before I leave. After finish replacing the water, took a short break and when out to the shops to get something. Took my Aunt to a mobile phone shop as she needed a new mobile phone.

Return home for lunch.... After lunch.. was so tired that I took a short nap, until some stupid telemarketing personal call me to join some fitness club.

Well check my email again... surfing again then took the car to my mechanics to fix up while I'm away. Return home and start preparing to leave for KL Sentral.

What's the rush ? well need to go to money changer, have dinner before leaving to KLIA. So after all the delay here and there, should be able to be on time.

Leave home and go to KL Sentral. Check in my bag and get the bording pass. This is the most impotant thing to do first. then go to money changer, then walk to the nearest restaurent. By the time I reach the restaurent, is almost 7pm. Have dinner with my family, drop by at my Aunt place to fix her water filter and is almost time to go back to Sentral.

Back to Sentral at about 8pm.. took the KLIA express to KLIA and here I am now. waiting to board the plane.

That's how the whole day went just to prepare my selve for Tokyo.

Anyway tomorrow will be another hactic day as my flight will arrive in Tokya early in the morning and I need to travel about 150km to NASUSHIOBARA, north of Tokyo. Before I leave Tokyo I'll spent sometime site seeing over there.

That's it for today.... have to board soon... Sayonara.


Geraldo Maia said...

Hello (yourself),
It is a good time to be visiting a blog so interesting and inviting like yours.
Regards from Brazil:

NIX said...

Thank you. I'll make it more inviting

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