Day one in Japan

Sunday, October 19, 2008

19 Oct 08, I arrived at Narita airport at about 7.40am. Before the plane landed I manage to catch some shot from above.

My plane fly with a Rolls Royce Engine. (actually is two) Woo Hoo...

LAND !! I can see land !
If you can see closely, this is Mount Fuji.

Some landscape before landing on Narita Airport

All this are taken from my faithful Nikon Coolpix 3200 - "Nikon Understand Digital Photography"

While on board , I was lucky to have the front row sits for the economy class. Therefore I manage to get off the plane quite fast. However there was a long queue at the immigration. Some system they have, scan finger prints and take photo of your face.

After going through the long immigration queue, I finally clear custom and all ready to go to Tokyo.

However I skip Tokyo but head to Ueno via Narita Express. Train leave at 9.19am and will reach Ueno station at about 10.15am. Here's the train ticket.

Upon reaching Ueno, I took another train to Akihabara (Electric City). As the name mention, is like Singapore Sim Lim Tower, KL's Jalan Pasar+Lau Yat Plaza.

Basically you get to see various shops selling electrical and electronics gadget, including camera, MP3 player, TVs Computer, Electronic components and even GPS system. Beside it, there are also various animation shop, manga characters, and some other characters that I do not know.

After hours of walking and site seeing, I stop by at the McDonald and have a quite bite before leaving to Nishi-Nasuno.

Nishi-Nasuno is about 150km from Tokyo. This is where my training going to be and I'll be staying here till end of the week.

To get to Nishi-Nasuno, there are 2 ways. The fast and the conventional slow way. Both ways are by rail. Fast rail will be riding on the Shinkansen line, travel by bullet train at the speed of >150km/hr. It will take about 45min to reach Nasushiobara and then another 5 mins through local train to Nishi-Nasuno. All in all, about 1hr to get there.

I opted for the other way, since I have 1/2 a day left. Unfortunately I got all the info wrong and ended up having to take 3 train rides and a total travel time of 4 hours

What happen ? I dunno, misinform by the rail stuffs. I basically have to change train on 2 major transit point in order to reach Nishi-Nasuno as I did not manage to bored a direct train, as the information counter did not understand what I want.. How sad.

Anyhow I still manage to reach my hotel and complete this blog on time. Is a slow journey but enjoyable and I get to see many places much clearly now.

So here's the end of day 1. I have to stop now cause i'm just too tired now. Tomorrow my training will start and basically nothing much to post.

Before I go.. here's what I have for dinner. Got it from a nearby shop and 1/2 price due to stock clearance. I have eaten one therefore left 2 for the shot.

Enjoy yourself here. Cheers..


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